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The popular P series!

Hello, welcome to Toby’s Channel!

After the Canton Fair in April and the Iran exhibition in August 2023, Toby’s P series, as a new series of car lights still attracting attention, today we got a got news! The 150W, 180W has finally begun to sell in the market. It finish the production in early September and start to deliver them to the customer’s warehouse and Toby’s Dubai warehouse. Customers will receive them one month later.

Why is this series so popular? There are 3 main reasons:

  1. Appearance
  2. Power/Price
  3. Package

Firstly, The appearance of this series breaks the inherent image of people’s car lights, no longer just an ordinary appearance and process, but a representative technology and appearance innovation, looks more scientific and technological. Customers can more freely print their brand on the lamp body.

Secondly, this is the highest wattage, the most cost-effective product series, starting from 100W, 130W, to 150W, 180W, the brightness is higher 1000% than halogen bulb, customers can enjoy the driving experience of high power, high brightness.

Finally, we spent three months on the new product packaging, from packaging inspiration to detail changes, polishing, color and design, all of which are TOBY’S sincerity for this product series.

Below are pictures of P series: P100, P100 PRO, P130, P150, P180:

At present, the production of 150W and 180Wwill be completed in early September, if you are interested in these products, please contact our team!