T15 F2 18SMD-W

T15 F2 18SMD-W


· Unique and attractive color light.

· Long-lasting LED.

· Save your power supply.

· Easy to assemble.

· Long service life.

· Can replacement of turn signal light, corner light, parking light, side marker light, tail light, and backup lights etc.

Technical Parameters

Brand:  Toby’s
Model:  T15 F2 18SMD-W
1. LED Chip:  SMD
2. LED Quantity:  18PCS
3. Power:  4.5W
4. Voltage:  DC9V-18V   
5. Input:  2A ± 0.1A/12V      
6. Lumen:  450LM
7. Color:  White/Amber/Red
8. Usage:  Back-Up Light 

Package Details

2 pcs by pair packing in the paper card, plastic box etc.

Or Quantitative in a bag. Negotiable package.